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Hello and welcome to my online calendar (in the text below, some information about me and the progress of osteopathic sessions).


Professional background :

Trained at the Swiss School of Osteopathy from 2008 to 2013, I then did my assistantship in different osteopathy clinics in Switzerland (mainly at the Rothenbühler office).
To finally settle my own office in Vevey in 2018.

I also had the opportunity to be the osteopath of Star Lausanne and LUC volleyball, but did not seek to continue to take care of high-level sport teams afterwards, in order to be able to better develop my new office.


An osteopath for everyone :

I am trained to meet the needs of adults, adolescents, athletes, elderly people, pregnant women, etc.

I only delegate the treatment of children under 5 years old to colleagues who, through their additional trainings, are more specialized in pediatrics than me.


Appropriate treatment :

I continue to follow various additional trainings each year with interest, in order to keep my medical and osteopathic knowledge up to date and to acquire new ones.

Also to be able to offer you the best support based on current data.



Progress of the session :

The session generally lasts 45 minutes and is divided into 3 main parts : the interview, the clinical examination, the osteopathic treatment and advice. The duration of each part may vary.

The current price for a 45 minutes session is 130.- (you can pay cash, by Twint, by card or with your bank app).


What outfit ?

It is always more convenient to be able to directly visualize and palpate the symptomatic area. It is therefore often easier to wear underwear, but you can definitely wear thin sports shorts, leggings or other thin and flexible clothing.

Likewise, it may be possible to only remove the t-shirt for the duration necessary for a technique or test requiring it, then put it back on. The important thing is that you feel comfortable.


If you have a problem or question, do not hesitate to write to me or leave me a message on 077 437 73 11 or by e-mail at, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again!

Alexandre Bourlard


Note for newborns:

I only take care of children from the age of 5, but if you need the address of a colleague, don't hesitate to contact me.

Complementary insurance :

I am recognized by all insurance companies covering osteopathic cares (juste check if you have the correct complementary insurance).

Adresses :
- tuesday, wednesday, friday : Rue des Communaux 31
- thursday : Rue du Simplon 23

➡️  Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you may be charged for it.  ⬅️

Consultation ostéopathique en urgence ou pour des plaintes persistantes, ostéopathe diplômé CDS à Vevey. Les motifs de consultation les plus fréquents sont les douleurs cervicales, dorsales, lombaires, mais l'ostéopathe est apte à traiter toute douleur mécanique, du moment qu'elle n'est pas causée par une lésion irréversible (déchirure, fracture etc). Traitement par ostéopathe à Vevey en urgence.
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You have already consulted me (in this place or another).

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130 CHF - 45 minutes

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